Our Story


Once A Moon™ was founded by Doug and Lynne Ingalls whose idea was to create a gift that no one ever thought would have been possible, one that was so amazing and unique that it would never be forgotten. The couple was always on the lookout for new ideas and always dreaming up ‘the impossible gift’. One evening, over a glass of wine or two, the concept of ‘how to give someone the moon’ was discussed. Having spent decades in the jewelry and gift business, coupled with one of Doug’s side passions of collecting meteorites, the concept seemed possible to the couple. Six Months of experimentation and development later, Once A Moon™ was launched! 


Together with their Son, Daughter and team of dedicated employees at Once A Moon™, the rare treasure of the moon is turned into unique and precious jewelry never before seen on Earth. Every piece of jewelry is handmade and due to the process of applying the lunar dust into the necklace, no two pieces are alike. The jewelry comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and delivered in  ‘ready to gift’ designer packaging including a 2 piece box and gift bag. Once a Moon™ products are unconditionally guaranteed authentic and the Company offers a very easy return policy along with a one Year, unlimited warranty.


 Doug Ingalls is a proud member of the Meteorite Club, the Planetary Society and the Meteoritical Society. 

New designs will be introduced regularly and plans for traveling 'beyond the moon" for other planetary meteorite material is already in the works! Be sure to sign up to our newsletter for 'out of this world' news, information and the occasional promotion.