Is this made with a Real Lunar Meteorite?

We stand by the authenticity of our Moon Jewelry. Our owner and founder, Doug Ingalls and his wife Lynne Ingalls, purchased 55 grams of moon dust from Lunar meteorite NWA 12630 which amassed to a total of 583 grams. To be clear,  this material was NOT obtained from the NASA space mission. Unfortunately, fakes can arise and we are here to help you spot them. First and foremost, lunar meteorites are far more rare than mere gold, diamonds or precious gems, fewer than 200 lunar (moon) meteorites have been documented to date. Make sure to avoid listings that fail to name the meteorite, who refer to it as an unclassified lunar meteorite or claim it to be identical to another lunar meteorite. We have full documentation and a Certificate of Authenticity. You can find our lunar meteorite listed here


Another key factor is the origin of the Lunar Meteorite. The only places that have recorded findings of Lunar Meteorite are Antarctica, Northwest Africa and the country of Omen. None have yet been found in North America, South America, or Europe. If the company you choose to purchase from is not able to provide clear documentation of purchase of materials or classification of their Lunar Meteorites we would proceed with caution. Our founder, Doug Ingalls, is also a proud member of the Meteorite Club, the Planetary Society and the Meteoritical Society. 


As a consumer, please do your research! If you have any further questions about the origin of our meteorite, documentation or authenticity, feel free to shoot our Customer Support Team an email at or give us a call at 407-386-3550 during our normal business hours of 9 am to 6 pm EST and we'd be happy to help!