Documentation for Lunar Meteorite

Obtaining the moon dust began with the purchase of some valuable moon meteorite, also known as ‘lunar meteorite’ which fell to earth up to millions of years ago after being blasted into orbit from an impact on the moon. Doug then sent this lunar meteorite to the worlds most renowned classifier of lunar meteorites, Dr. Anthony Irving from the University of Washington’s Meteoritical Department. Dr. Anthony completed his analysis on the meteorite confirming that it was indeed from the moon. Dr. Anthony then sent his write up in for official classification which can be found in the 108th edition of the Meteoritical Bulletin.

This newly classified lunar meteorite was documented in the name of Doug Ingalls as NWA (short for Northwest Africa) #12630, named after the region in which the meteorite was found. Doug then sent his lunar meteorite in for cutting to the worlds foremost cutter of meteorites, Marlin Cilz of Montana Meteorite Labs. During this delicate cutting process, and in an extremely controlled environment, Marlin captured the fine dust from the cutting of the lunar meteorite. This fine moon dust is inlaid into the Once A Moon™ jewelry.

Full documentation and links to our meteorite in the meteoritical bulletin may be found here: