Introducing Once A Moon Genuine Moondust Jewelry

Introducing Once A Moon Genuine Moondust Jewelry

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend hadn’t heard of Once A Moon.

We’re excited to announce the launch of our one-of-a-kind line of jewelry featuring moondust from genuine lunar meteorites. If you’ve ever wanted to give someone the moon, this unique collection puts the opportunity within reach.

What is a lunar meteorite, exactly?

A lunar meteorite is a piece of rock that originated from the moon, made its way into our atmosphere and survived to land on the earth’s surface. Most lunar meteorites are believed to be formed when other bodies, like asteroids, impact the moon’s surface and send up debris. Some may be millions of years old.  

Lunar meteorites are rarer by far than both diamonds and gold, with fewer than 400 of them in existence on our planet. Scientists can tell these meteorites are from the moon by analyzing their composition and comparing it to that of known lunar rocks collected by the Apollo missions.

Where did the idea for moondust jewelry come from?

It all started with a conversation over a glass of wine. Entrepreneurs Doug and Lynne Ingalls were musing over the most creative gifts they’d given and received, and Lynne was intrigued by the concept of “giving someone the moon.” As an avid meteorite collector, Doug knew they were onto something special. After six months of brainstorming, collaboration and careful experimentation, the first piece of Once A Moon jewelry was created.

Doug and Lynne are no strangers to the jewelry business. They have more than two decades of experience launching, growing and selling successful lifestyle and gifting operations including Your Moon Phase, Lucky Shot USA and Fairy Dust, among others. They’re excited to share the inaugural Once A Moon collection and continue to explore creative new opportunities to source additional lunar and planetary meteorite material.

How do I know it’s real moondust?

Every piece of Once A Moon jewelry is crafted by hand, so no two are alike. The lunar material incorporated into Once A Moon products is meticulously checked and authenticated by world-renowned meteorite expert Dr. Anthony Irving from the University of Washington’s Meteoritical Department. The “moondust” is, quite literally, dust from lunar meteorite NWA #12630. It’s formed while carefully cutting the rock in a highly controlled environment.

Each Once A Moon piece comes with a certificate confirming the authenticity of the lunar material it’s made with, as well as a reference to the stone’s listing in the official Meteoritical Bulletin. This database is the comprehensive source of information on all known and verified lunar meteorites along with the name of their respective owners. No other company offers this level of provenance verification.

Where can I buy lunar meteorite jewelry?

Browse all Once A Moon styles now by clicking here.

You can learn more about Once A Moon and meet founder Doug Ingalls in this short video. We’re always happy to chat with our customers and answer any further questions; just get in touch at or reach us via phone from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday at (407) 386-3550.

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